YO AND HELLO! My Name is DeAubrey Demonta' and I am the LAST OF THE TIMELORDS. (*That's not a Gay Nickname. It's really my name*)
|23 years of age| Virgo. Gaymer. Definite GLEEK. X-Men Fanatic. Love of Anything Marvel. #DCNation. Doctor Who. Photographer. Aspiring Actor/Director. Writer.Dork. Romantic. Nerd. Movie Buff. Artist. K-Pop. Hip-Hop. Charmer. Johnny Mathis. Cher Lloyd. Maroon 5. James Dean. SHINee. 2NE1. Physically in Michigan. Mentally in New York. Dressed for L.A.?! lol


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    This was a great movie.
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    I cry ever damn time
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